Rope Access – Repair & Maintenance

Our certified experienced rope technicians with trade qualifications are ready to meet all your needs in those hard-to-reach places.

At Summit Access Solutions there is nothing our trades cannot deliver so please call us and we can discuss yor specific needs.

Repair may include any of the following

Rope access is a cost-effective solution to building maintenance. While scaffolding can be expensive and intrusive, using rope access allows the job to be performed quickly and safely with excellent results. 

General maintenance

Concrete repairs

SAS Concrete Repairs

We have extensive experienced in concrete repairs that require rope access. Summit Access Solutions has worked on buildings with widespread concrete spalling and cancer. Jobs of this description requires the cutting out and removing of any corroded materials, treatment, sealing and reinforcing of problem concrete area. The area is then reinstated with new concrete to match existing textures and coatings. 

Other work might include crack and mortar repair, weed removal, brick pointing and installation of new brickwork.

Cracked render is too often becoming a feature of both old and new building facades. While this can be due to increased traffic from motor vehicles, shifting foundations or extreme weather conditions, cracked render can be unsightly and extremely unsafe. SAS will act quickly to make-safe any dangerous or loose materials and patch render for a seamless finish.

Waterproofing and sealing

A leak should never be left unattended for substantial amounts of time as water will continue to move down throughout your building. Water can cause extensive damage to buildings both structurally, cosmetically, externally, and internally if left unattended.

Often the first problem to water damage is solving the mystery of where the leak began. Our team are experts in the detection and repair of water leaks which takes the mystery out of any problem. A full investigation and report allows us to follow the trail and ensure every aspect is considered and dealt with. Where applicable all areas are tested on completion of the job for reassurance.

Summit Access Solutions has qualified tradesmen who can ensure the best result in watertight seals and long-term solutions. This also includes works to roof gutters and downpipe repairs.

We use high quality sealing products and are well educated in sealing windows, frames, and facades. If you have a problem and want someone who will take the time to get to the bottom of the issue and not just patch here and there then we are the company for you.


We have extensive experience in the installation and reinstating of glass and window replacement. We have specialist equipment when maneuvering large pieces of glass into place that requires considered method when it comes to bespoke pieces.

No job too small or too big. Recently we maneuvered a 100kg piece of glass into place for Watpac at a prominent Sydney CBD location, with excellent results. Give us a call today about your specific glazing requirements.


SAS Building Painting

From small areas that may require touch up paint to entire buildings, there is no job too big or small for our skilled team. Summit Access Solutios has qualified and trade certified painters who ensure minimal interference to pedestrians or tenants while working onsite.  
Summit Access Solutions has experience in painting whole buildings, with large jobs carried out at Gordon street Marrickville, and Everton Street Strathfield.

Window cleaning and calcium removal

From high rise buildings to smaller more complex, boutique buildings that may require different access techniques, Summit Access Solutions has serviced it all. We offer window cleaning solutions for all businesses and multi-storey residences. Our team is fast and reliable, getting the job done to a high standard.

Calcium stains are an undesirable feature of the modern-day façade, particularly on glass panels that should be clear. Summit Access Solutions specialises in removing these stubborn calcium stains and restoring the glass to a completely clear state. Ask us today about the specialised method we have developed.

Building and façade washing

Window and Façade Cleaning

Give your building a new lease of life. With fast access via ropes and the use of pressure washers, building and façade washing is an effective way to brighten and restore your building, without the use of harsh chemicals. We do regular maintenance of window and façade washing over some of Sydney’s premier sites and buildings. 

You can rely on us for builder cleans and handover cleans that require a quick turn around to fit tight schedules


Height Safety

Design and Installation

Height Safety

Certification & Recertification

Rope Access

Repair & Maintenance

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