Ladders, Walkways and Platforms

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Here at Summit Access Solutions our specialty is creating safe, and functional access, that adheres to Australian standards, to any roof top area. SAS Rope Access Technicians are qualified at installing Ladders, platforms and walkways, including all types of access systems using anchors, or monorails.

Our preference is to use SAYFA branded ladders, walkways and platforms, which are all manufactured here in Australia, to Australian standards AS1657 – 2018. The walkways we use are created using Pace aluminium walkway systems, which are light weight, durable, non corrosive, non slip, and are utilised to provide safe access to roof mounted plant and equipment. Whether you want to use your walkway in conjunction with harnesses, anchors and attachments, and depending on where the walkway is situated on your roof, would decide whether handrails are required for your system. All our installations come with manufacturers warranty of ten years.

When installing ladders for safe alighting to and from raised areas we take into consideration the size to depict whether a cage is required, as per Australian standards.

Creating a safe access system, protects workers and maintenance staff who need to access these areas safely, so get in contact with our team today to help design your next height safety system.

Walkway traversing roof top
Mini platform for alighting safely from ladder

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