Height Safety – Design & Installation

Summit Access Solutions are leaders in Safety design.  All facets are taken into consideration when planning a height safety system. Layout and configuration, access, materials, engineer consults, and budgets are all factors considered to create a safe and functional solution for any building. 

We strive to offer the best value for money in accordance with the Australian industry standards. We work closely with our preferred suppliers SAYFA, Hilti, and Sala to ensure quality, confidence and customer satisfaction in the products we use. Our attention to detail and care ensures your business is delivered the best system in height safety. 

A design may include any of the following: 

 Summit Access Solutions has designed and installed complete roof safety systems with Pro Build, Adco, Main On Construction, and Sydney Uni.

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Industrial anchor point systems

Roof Anchors

Anchor points offer rooftop workers a safe way of attaching themselves to the roof to prevent falls and injury. At Summit Access Solutions we install anchor points rated for commercial and industrial use.

We pride ourselves on designing the best and most suited anchor point system for your roof.

From purlin anchors to concrete mount anchors we assess and quote to Australian standards. Budget and safety are at the forefront of every decision.

All anchor points are rated individually to 15kN or higher and adhere to Manufacturer standards AS5532. These are installed to the exact specification provided by the manufacturer to keep all anchor point installations in line with requirements of AS1891.2 and AS4488.1-2 to ensure each anchor point withstands the loads it is designed to hold. 

  • We choose to use:
  • Xplora extension anchors
  • Hilti mechanical, chemical and undercut anchors
  • Xplora abseil and fall arrest anchors
  • LOW-PRO Steel Purlin Mount Anchor
  • AP130 surface mounted anchor
  • AP141 surface mounted abseil anchor
  • AA408 direct pull anchor plates
  • Roof truss mounted anchor points
  • for tiled roof

Fall Restraint and Arrest Anchor points

Fall and Arrest Anchor Point Installation

Fall restraint and arrest systems are crucial for the safety of professionals working at heights with fall potential and must be utilised in every circumstance possible. These systems are designed for restraining personnel from the possibility of taking a fall or arresting a falling worker when a free-fall has taken place. It literally ‘arrests’ workers mid-air providing deceleration via shock absorbing components to ensure a safe stop whilst preventing serious injury from the forces applied when the fall is suddenly stopped.

All systems, components and layouts take into consideration all factors and obstructions such as cantilevered ledges/ edges, pendulum type swings and angles whilst creating a user-friendly safe system with the highest hierarchy of controls to negate the chance of serious injury or death.

Our fall restraint and arrest systems comply with the requirements of AS1891 with some anchors providing energy absorbers that limit the peak load on a harness connection point, the user and anchor itself.

Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal lifelines are a fantastic option for allowing workers and technicians to access large areas of roof quickly and efficiently. The lifeline offers a way to stay connected at all times, saving time with no need to hook on and off a system. Having a continuous lifeline system will mean that there is no point where the technicians are not connected to the safety system. This in turn, increases safety and prevents potential falls.

All components of our installed lifelines are stainless steel with some aluminium. This guarantees any system installed by SAS will not corrode within the warranty periods, even in the most extreme conditions.

SAS uses the Galvanic scale to ensure that cross materials are never used or mixed incorrectly. This gives longer life to the systems installed and the substrates they are attached to.

The horizontal lifeline has the added feature of having shock absorbing components within the system. This means that when falls are arrested by this type of system certain parts bend and stretch (not snap) to allow a gentler slow down into arrest position reducing massive shock loads to the users’ body.

Hatches and access platforms


Roof hatches offer a lockable entry point to access a rooftop, adding an element of safety and security to accessing your roof. There are a number of different options for installing access hatches to your roof and overall height safety access system. We are highly experienced at installing hatches for different scenarios, such as sliding door hatches, flip-up hatches, fire-rated hatches or even skylight hatches. We work closely with our chosen suppliers to provide the best option for your roof.


Access Platforms

Platforms offer a safe area for workers to stand when accessing or traversing across and around rooftops.

We can help you gain compliance on your rooftop by offering expertly installed platforms that comply with Australian legislation, and meet industry-standard quality. Platforms are customised and made to measure to suit almost any area. Platform installation is a requirement of Australian standards for most height access systems.

Ladders, walkways and handrails

SAS installs a wide variety of ladders, walkways and handrails. Combining these as part of your height access system allows for all types of trades to access the roof including window cleaners, plant equipment servicing, air-conditioning tradies, or roofers who need to manage repairs. We design to the needs of your building. 

Workers will follow an exact path across a roof when a walkway is installed, limiting trip hazards and fall hazards. All ladders, walkways and handrails are constructed from aluminium making them a strong, light-weight product that adheres to Australian standard 1657.

Rope Access Monorails

Rope access monorails can severely cut down maintenance lead times for facilities as they allow technicians to rig just once and access multiple areas from this one rigging position. This, in turn, brings down maintenance costs, where there is a high frequency of access required. This can lead to overall savings for the residents and management.

A Rope access monorail might be used in a design process where there are hard to get to positions such as soffits and cantilevered slabs and difficult balconies.

Due to the streamlined finish and tailorable angles and curves of access monorails they can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Rope access monorails can be configured in multiple ways. They can be utilized for suspending rope access staff, lifting materials, as a free-running height safety line, or for the running of small BMUs (Building Maintenance Units).

Rope access monorails can be used as a safety line that may not require replacing if it is used to arrest a fall. All components of these monorails are rated well above minimum requirements and can be strengthened to have 2-4 users on the line at one time.


Height Safety

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Height Safety

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