Rope Access Monorails

Rope access monorails can severely cut down maintenance lead times for facilities as they allow technicians to rig just once and access multiple areas from this one rigging position. This, in turn, brings down maintenance costs, where there is a high frequency of access required. This can lead to overall savings for the residents and management.

A Rope access monorail might be used in a design process where there are hard to get to positions such as soffits and cantilevered slabs and difficult balconies.

Due to the streamlined finish and tailorable angles and curves of access monorails they can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Rope access monorails can be configured in multiple ways. They can be utilized for suspending rope access staff, lifting materials, as a free running height safety line, or for the running of small BMUs (Building Maintenance Units).

Rope access monorails can be used as a safety line that may not require replacing if it is used to arrest a fall. All components of these monorails are rated well above minimum requirements and can be strengthened to have 2-4 users on the line at one time.