Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal lifelines are a fantastic option for allowing workers and technicians to access large areas of roof quickly and efficiently. The lifeline offers a way of staying connected at all times, therefore, saving the need to hook on and off the system in order to go from anchor to anchor.

Having a continuous lifeline system will mean that there is no point where the technicians are not connected to the safety system. This, in turn, prevents potential falls.

All components of our installed lifelines are stainless steel with some aluminium. This guarantees any system installed by SAS will not corrode within the warranty periods even in the most extreme conditions, i.e. by the ocean, or any other degrading weather conditions.

SAS uses the Galvanic scale to ensure that cross materials are never used or mixed incorrectly. This gives longer life to the systems installed and the substrates they are attached to.

The horizontal lifeline has the added feature of having shock absorbing components within the system. This means that when falls are arrested by this type of system certain parts bend and stretch (not snap) to allow a gentler slow down into arrest position reducing massive shock loads to the users’ body.